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The World of a Starry-Eyed Girl

Defying gravity

29 October
I'm a tv-obsessed Vancouver-born girl who loves CSI, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Buffy, WWE and Harry Potter. I'm also a singer and actress with musical theater aspirations. I moved to Adelaide, Australia in May of '06 to live with my best friend and now husband dragontail and his little monkey, five year old LJ. The details of my travels are available at beyondthe_sea, for those un-friended.

I'm a Solitary witch and a geek. A freak and a free spirit. A singer of my own songs and interpreter of others'.

I have written CSI slash and dabbled in Lost, LoTRiPs, Wicked, Harry Potter, Doctor Who and CSI RPS as well as my new obsession, High School Musical. I'm (still) working on 3(!) original novels left from NaNoWriMo, but I intend to finish one of them eventually. As well as the pieces of fanfic floating around my hard drive.

Due to unforseen occurances, I was forced to go Friends Only. If you're here for the fic, no problem, you can now find it all at stareyed_fics.